Sunday, 8 March 2009


Well the Bald Archy's have rolled around once again, they open in Sydney today, so check it out at the ABC studios, it will be heaps of fun ... I had 2 entries in this year, one of Hamish & Andy giving each other "nipple twists" and this one of Morris Iemma titled "Short Circuit" in reference to the saga of the privatisation of the NSW electricity ... it obviously didn't happen!


Anonymous said...

Hey Judy, we loved your "naughty and naughtier" bald archy so much that we bought it.

Cant wait for it to arrive.

Chris and Debbie

JUDY NADIN said...

Hey Chris & Debbie, sorry just checked my blog .... that's great you bought the painting, I love the guys

Nori Tominaga said...

it may be a little late to post now, but I just saw the show in Melbourne. I LOVED your Morris Iemma !