Monday, 16 March 2009


My Mum & I took a trip to the Bunker Cartoon Gallery (Coffs Harbour) last Friday where they were hosting an exhibition of female artists. Jules Faber opened the exhibition, there was so much amazing talent & I was lucky enough to meet 2 of the incredible female artists Flossy P (aka Sarah) & Dee Texidor.


flossy-p said...

Hi Judy,

It was great meeting you and Mary last week! Your work is amazing!

flossy-p (aka Sarah)

JUDY NADIN said...

Hi Sarah .... Great to meet you guys as well & your work is beyond amazing ... I'm going to the NSW gallery to check out the Archibald soon so I will be sure to look for your cards. Judy

PS ... fixed typo to P (sorry!)

Dominic Philibert said...

Really nice work Judy!!!!
Love your work!

Anthony Pascoe said...

Hi Judy !...Fantastic Blog and Caricature of Amy W, hope the exhibition went well...btw I've added you to my blog list

JUDY NADIN said...

Thanks Dominic, I am a HUGE fan of your brilliant, brilliant work

Jules Faber said...

I do look a little paunchy in that last photo. Damn.

Jules Faber said...

I do look a little paunchy i nthat last photo. Sigh. Oh well.

Was great to see you guys when you came up though. (Only just found this link!)

Jules Faber said...

I've tried to leave a comment and it won't let me.
However, in case it has come up and this is the thrid one: was a great show. Thanks for coming up you guys.
Was great to see you and (older) Mary!

texidee said...

ohhhh you got my name on here! hee hee. Just found this blog, will be watching yooooooooo D xx